Continued from ‘Does Religion cause War and violence Part 1’

Have you ever watched an action movie? Allow me to assume that you have. In an action movie we mostly side with the good guys or the so called starling. How would you feel if the movie ended with the bad guys winning?

Imagine a situation where the gang ‘bad guys’ arm themselves with sophisticated guns, bombs and grenades. They walk out of their base in a slow motion manner as the ‘terengtereng’ soundtracks play in the background. On the other side the other good guys are very happy and enjoying themselves in a party as they dine and wine, they have no clue what is coming. In a dint of a second the bad guys land in the un aware guys location and they start to shoot everybody as they play golf with grenades in this society.

Remember that child crying over the dead body of her mum. That husband who was out for a job and comes back home only to find her wife and children dead. Remember the funeral services, did you see any smiling face? Pain did reign in this place as tears of pain rained. Bitterness, sadness and anguish were the colors painted on this people faces. The priest in this situation is out of words and all he can say is “God will wipe away all your tears from your eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things have passed away”. What else can you add to that rather than say AMEN!

Leaders of this society try to bring order back, they threaten the suspects with all manner of weapon like words. The head of security all he can say is “we are expecting the suspects to come out in large numbers. In oratorical voices they promise the innocent citizens that the criminals will be arrested and charged in court.

“ONE MONTH LATER” is the word displayed after this dark hours. At this point you are very anxious that the criminals have being arrested, imprisoned and some sentenced to death. How would you feel when the movie starts with another bloody scene? The bloody scene has the bad guys once more attacking the innocent society and this time round they leave many dead. ‘ONE MONTH LATER’ happens again and again and again and the situation is still the same. How does it feel like? And the movie indicates END without a solution as they tell you to wait for part two.Untitled-4 rELI

What if later in part two you come to find out the bad guys did all this in line with a certain belief in their religion? And that the government of this society, deployed their defense forces to this place to kill this group in order to eliminate them. You also find out that this group hits back time and again because their belief dictates that they kill the enemies of their religion. After hitting back they always claim to be responsible.

In the movie “Holy war” is the title attached to their acts. In their holy book “holy war” in their own language appears 162 times. “Holy war” is their religious duty meaning “struggle” or “resisting”. Shockingly the scholars of this religion do not all agree on its definition and the observers too. One of the scholars in the movie says this belief has two meanings: an inner spiritual struggle which is the greater “Holy War” and the other meaning is an outer physical struggle against the enemies of their religion. The latter meaning may take a violent or non-violent form.

Not until I found out this is not a movie anymore because it is happening in my country Kenya. The intelligent will tell the “what?” and the “who?” I am speaking about. I don’t really hate their religion and I don’t have a right to do so. I have friends, neighbours, workmates and classmates from that religion and actually I am half way reading their holy book.

As I was looking at my religion too I noted there is something too which I will narrate in part 3. But dear ones I remain a confused lot and I still ask the second time ‘Does religion cause war and violence?’

Look out for part three as I cover on Christianity and atheists since I am done with Al-Shaabab and Islamic religion

18 thoughts on “DOES RELIGION CAUSE WAR? Part 2

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  1. I think no doctrine that implies that one should chop one’s head off in order to acquire the so called vg * heaven


  2. Religion does not cause war. it’s the members who follow the teachings and doctrines of a given religion who fight each other or others over what they believe or misinterpret or even apply selectively

    I have read the post and I feel you have centred on the war but not on who causes and why. I assume you have not generalized that it’s Islam

    It’s great that you are reading Quran, but also read sunnah and hadiths. Muslims believe in the three, to Quran Only. Don’t count the number of times the word Jihad appears in Quran, read how it was used. Muslims believe in 10 commandments, so link how do not kill relates to Quran and jihad

    You may not have enough time, but keep on reading to acquire knowledge, not faith

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    1. Thank Mr Hussein M….. You taught me once and I like your approach to this… I never mentioned Islam causes war but you just assumed I did. To me not all the people who subscribe to your religion follow this. As I noted earlier there is a controversy yet to be solved about the real meaning of “Holy War” . Sometime ago one late teacher of this religion was telling young people to go and learn how to fight and shoot. What about that?


  3. as I said in part one religion causes war in that the believers inside the religion places have different purposes to fulfil no wadder its not a big deal to them going with the weapons to worship places

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  4. in my opinion, religion, in its self, doesnt cause war or violence. its the people and what they choose to belive regardless of the teachings. those beliefs will then inspire their actions. we are all free beings, we have a mind of our own, we can think and decide for ourselves what is good and what is bad. if a religion tells us to kill people who are not of our religion as a duty then that religion need be questioned. as rational beings we need to be open minded and not just follow those teachings blindly. not all muslims are al-shabaab and i should very much like to think that they made a choice.

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