Continued from ‘Does Religion cause War and violence Part 2

We had a religion! We believed in a God! We had altars and shrines! We had religious leaders! We sacrificed to our God! Not until this guys nicknamed white men even if they are not white but brown raped our culture and religion. The rape left adverse side effects on our society.

Our religion was termed as idol worship. In small caps they reduced our God to a god and introduced a bigger God known as the greater ‘I AM”. Our shrines and altars were abolished and replaced with the long rectangular halls with a cross at the top. Religious leaders who they called magicians and witches were replaced with this persuasive, charismatic men born with loud and oratorical voices. And sacrifices and libations turned into offerings and tithes.

Within no time they taught us how to pray with our eyes closed. They preached with vigour and passion about a father who loved us so much that he gave his only son to die for our sins. In our society no man in his right senses would give his only son to die for some evil people. Thus their religion sounded illogical. Why would a father let his own son suffer and die in the hands of evil and criminal fellows who he was trying to save?

Ironically they preached of a thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy while their brothers grabbed our land, jailed us, caned us and killed some of us, all in the name of chasing away the animal they saw in us. Funny enough their sermons informed us that the son came so that we may have life and have it in abundance. And really we had it in abundance.

Education became a part of us and we were taught how to write and read. Reading skills were put into use of studying the Holy book called the Bible. White man, receive my personal gratitude that I can be able to study this book and in writing; critique you.

As I was reading this book I came across very interesting stories and at the same time horrifying stories. The bible has the most brutal and chaotic fights. The book is based around Israelites known as God’s people. They had a lot of imagesenemies. Every nation wanted to destroy this people and battles would arise and guys in this holy book would slay each other with swords. The best slayer would gain rights to enslave those he defeated if they retreated.

King David who the Bible refers to as the man after God’s heart led his men in a many battles against enemies of Israel. in this battles the more you killed the more popular you became and seen as God anointed one. Saul had slain thousands while David his tens of thousands which saw women compose a song to praise David. I always wonder why they would have to fight for a mighty God, who the bible says is the king of kings and lord of lords. With his power he doesn’t need humans to fight for him, he even owns your life. In case you are a nuisance he can just switch you off. Jehovah Shalom is one of the names used to refer to God meaning peace. Why would a peaceful God delight in people killing each other?

History makes me understand that before the missionaries came to Africa they had a fight in the old church which caused a division between the Protestants and the Roman Catholics. Believers were killed roasted alive in the churchreligion and war before the division occurred just because this guys could not agree on a few issues. Some issues like a priest marrying, baptism and the lords table. In the modern age church fights are still on. Today in the papers there are two senior bishops in court over disputed ownership of a church in Makueni County. When did the church stop belonging to Christ?

I know I sound like an atheist to Christians and some can start connecting dots as to why I missed the church on Sunday but that not the case. And this brings me to this question: Does it mean if the whole world was made up of Atheists there would be no war or violence? Join me in part 4 of “Does religion cause war?” as I answer this question.

*As I look at my religion too I remain as a confused fellow and I ask for the third time “Does Religion cause war and violence?”

14 thoughts on “DOES RELIGION CAUSE WAR? Part 3

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  1. Its really hard at times to understand some thing that happened the way it is,bro ur doing quite outstanding work keep it up


  2. As you have said God supported then destrustion of what became a nuisance…so ummh u get to his badside anything can happen….you then sameway branches thar do not bare fruits are destroyed….we dont have to be atheists to stop war….#We need to do what pleases God to avoid being destroyed#God will deal with the wrongdoers!


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