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I can’t speak on behalf of other religions, but I can tell you that many of the great prophets of Judaism spoke of the value of peace even in a time when war was the accepted state of affairs. If you take the case of Jesus, this guy was the son of God. His father was the creator of heaven, earth and you too. His father created all this using just words. Imagine what kind of power is this, you just talk and things happen.

The Dad of Jesus was so mighty that no king or army on earth would match his power. Through Him, at the blast of trumpets walls crushed and great armies would be defeated. Waters would be separated using a man’s “walking stick”. He once wiped the whole earth with floods. Through him a boy struck down a giant with a smooth stone. He would harden your heart to disobey him, then punish you with plagues, like the case of pharaoh who decided to enslave God’s people.

Knowing all his power and majesty, some guys who got a lot of guts decided to prosecute, arrest, cane, crucify the son of such a mighty father. When they were arresting him, one of his disciples slashed off a soldier’s ear. As they watched, the son of God fixed the ear back to its place. I always wonder how you could witness such a miracle yet continue to arrest the suspect. This guys I tend to think might have been under a certain drug or were robots.

My story is not narrating what happened. I am trying to point out that the son of God called Jesus with all the power could not fight back or raise a finger to any of them. Put yourself in Jesus shoes. Having a father who through words only “not written but spoken” would destroy and rebuild the whole earth. And he had given you power over nature and life. What would you have done to this guys trying to harm you?

Some of you with this power would have converted the soldiers into cows in which their traits they resembled. Some would have confused the soldiers not to arrest them but arrest and crucify their masters. Then when they have crucified their masters, bring them to reality and resurrect their master. It would be hell on earth as they try to explain the unexplainable. But Jesus never did this, instead he looked up and said “Father! Forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing”. You can now clearly understand that it takes peace and control not to use power that you have. If religion was the fuel for violence, Jesus would top the list of the most violent man to appear on the face of earth.images

Yet somebody says that if the whole world was made up atheists there would be no war or violence. They even ask that if believing in a god or gods is good, then why is there so much pain and suffering caused by religion–like the crusades, terrorism attacks and suicide bombings?

Richard Dawkins who is an epitome of atheism in Britain argues that religion has been the main cause of violence and war throughout history. Atheists ‘believe’ without faith there would have been no war, no Jihad, no violent disputes over words in holy texts, no church fights and we would all be at peace.

To me that argument is not true as The Encyclopaedia of War (yes, it exists) says that out of the 1763 wars, 123 have been caused by religion and that is around 7%. If not yet convinced, take look at all the wars that are well known, surely you’ll notice that they are not well known because of the fact that they were caused by religious beliefs. The American Revolutionary War, American Civil War, English Civil War, French Reign of Terror, WWI, WWII, Cold War, the various Civil Wars that have happened throughout Africa, Rwandan Genocide, American War in the Middle East, the War between Kenya and Somalia…really should I go on?

All this wars were they caused by Muslims? Were all the armies purely Christians? Did Atheist armies not take part? So, does religion cause war? Sadly, it does. But does Jesus Christ, and do those who submit themselves wholeheartedly to Him and His teaching?

Meanwhile as you answer this questions

Look out for Part 5 “finale” of does religion cause war and violence? As I put together all your opinions and ideas that you have contributed from part 1 to 4.

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