I talk to you, You never get too busy and never seem to have heard enough, You are never offline when I need you most, You are always close waiting to hear from me, So, I talk to you. I tell you, My stupid blunders and embarrassing moments, You never stifle a laughter or save... Continue Reading →


by Gilbert Reagan Osoo Human beings, as much as we are creatures of habit, we have become creatures of occurrence. Simply put, we have tuned our minds to ask at the beginning of each day; what is going to happen today? We move from alshabab to “gazeti ya leo ni ya kufunga nyama” all the... Continue Reading →


Parties in campus are like an extra common course to all students except those in Christian groups. There is no party exams but the transcripts of it are always out without a missing mark. Fresher’s night tops the list, followed by the famous campus night “Dunda”, on the list competitive cultural night thirds as the... Continue Reading →

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