Parties in campus are like an extra common course to all students except those in Christian groups. There is no party exams but the transcripts of it are always out without a missing mark. Fresher’s night tops the list, followed by the famous campus night “Dunda”, on the list competitive cultural night thirds as the minority birthday parties end the list.

If you are a parent, a guardian or a sponsor and you are standing up right now, sit down because what I am about to narrate may shock you.

A team of comrades who brand themselves the title “event organizers” even if they are unqualified do organize this parties. The unqualified event organizers hold a meeting to make sure the event is successful. In this meeting they discuss a number of things.

Agenda number one is about the venue of the party. Agenda number two chooses the relevant guests to be invited, in many cases it appears in a private party. The so called guests are selected on the basis of how many bottles one can empty and still stand up. Good dancers are also an added bonus. Agenda number three puts into consideration music and drugs. Under this minute a “laptop” DJ is selected and hired and a superstar may also be invited. The number of crates are counted and rolls of cannabis sativa estimated. Last agenda but not least, considers the means of making the party known. Well-designed posters with emotionally appealing women which are pinned to the notice boards serve the purpose well. Grapevine communication “rumors” which is unsolicited for and costs nothing is used to persuade and win souls to the partying kingdom.

PRE-PARTY: Dressing to the occasion is a commandment in this parties and if broken consequences are severe. Badly dressed comrades are avoided and earn themselves the nickname “mshamba”.nai Ladies are known to dress in short skirts or tight trousers to show off what they inherited from their mamas and the great future they have behind them. They also defy the weather by wearing tight tops which have a big V to expose the bid generation they can support. High heels are not left in the wardrobes as the old science of pivot is used to make it easier to sway from side to side and make dancing easier. Men are known to dress in jeans and unbuttoned shirts or tight t-shirts to show off how heavily built they are.

THE PARTY: Parties are mostly held on Friday nights since students have no lectures to attend the following day so there is no worry when consuming more alcohol. No party qualifies to be called a party in college without alcohol, weed and loud music. The amazing fact is that no food is offered in these parties. A comrade is supposed to attend while full to increase his chances of consuming more alcohol. The business in these parties is always clear, to drink, smoke, sing, dance and maybe get a mate. Drinks mostly which are spirits are served with hot water and before you know it everybody is drunk. And things starts happening in the brightness of disco lights as darkness reigns. There is always something unique about darkness, alcohol and drugs. There is a reason why most well kept secrets are revealed while drunk and in darkness. The wrong choices are made this time and the most regrettable moments in life.images rrr

The party gets to its best part when music starts and hunting starts at the same time. Male colleagues seek for partners to dance with them. Fights may erupt between hunters if they land on the same prey.

AN EXAMPLE: The most awaited party in most public universities is usually the “the fresher’s night” which is held to welcome the 1st years to the campus in a style. In this event 1st years are given the full rights of a comrade and authority to explore every lifestyle in campus. It is at this event many comrades either consume alcohol or have sex for the first time. “Gold rush” takes place in this night as the older male students are out to catch a new lover bird.

Tears go to the older girls who are dumped by their boyfriends for the new catch. Due to the feminist theories imparted to the campus divas about gender equity and equality, the female students nowadays also hunt for the first year men.

PARTY AFTERMATH: When the party ends at dawn, a lot has happened in the dark. People lose their mobile phones and money. Some notice they have lost their virginity last night either from rape, unapproved gland to gland combat due to unconsciousness or even a through a mutual agreement. In some cases some die like the comrade who lost his life in KU last year after a party. Some also get injured in the fights that arise in the parties. It is so sad for a life to be lost in the name of parting. What is written in their eulogies as the cause of their deaths? Partying to death?

Female students get pregnant in these parties and innocent babies who never attended the party are born. The unlucky ones are aborted, and in the process their mothers lose their ability to ever give birth. Male students are left bankrupt after these parties and many turn to theft for survival. HIV/AIDs and other STDs are largely transmitted in these parties. Relationships are broken in these parties leaving heartbroken comrades.

Weighing the negative effects and positive effects in this senseless parties, it is better to miss out and be branded “Mshamba”.

MY TAKE: Comrades, let us stop this senseless partying in the name of fun and lets us change for the better. This nation and the world is waiting for the agents of change, who are none other but you and me. If you are a victim of this parties it is not too late. There is a God who forgives and transforms lives. My bible tells me in LUKE 19:10 that the son of man ‘Jesus’ came to seek and save the lost. Receive him today and your life will change for good. There is more fun in Jesus than out there. Seek ye the kingdom of God first and everything else will be given to you. What does it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your own soul?

43 thoughts on “PARTY TIMES IN CAMPUS

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  1. Wow what a piece,nice one.
    How I wish every student on earth would read this and embrace the writers take on the matter.


  2. Thank you for being the light and the salt of the world. May this message change and transform other comrades’ mindset that they may accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives.


  3. great piece there….partying wastes resources halafu semester ikiisha watu wanasota….in christ there is fun….go for a kesha ot tuck tight in your bed.#my take.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for informing us what transpires in campus. Keep off from vices and get out of them and be separated. Keep up Daniel


  5. Well, chuo is an acme of learning. Can likewise be a acme of paranoia. Dat’s not partyin : it’s orgies n will seal u permanently in he’ll unless u repent 2day. Je us awaits ya patiently: will u come dear studee?


  6. Wow..!!bro…dart’s all true.u av said,whoever have ears,can hear wart u r saying na whoever av eyes,can log in na read it all by themselves, kudos Dan,,b blesd,


  7. Wow..!!..The message of this post remains relevant as long we have new intakes every year and far much more so long as we have these parties in our campuses.I believe that the goal is to have them all transformed by the gospel of Christ where enjoyment, satisfaction, fulfilment (or whichever name you give) dwells in full measure.

    Let them that have ears hear. Thanks Dan and may the Lord expand this talent for His glory.


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