I talk to you,
You never get too busy and never seem to have heard enough,
You are never offline when I need you most,
You are always close waiting to hear from me,
So, I talk to you.

I tell you,
My stupid blunders and embarrassing moments,
You never stifle a laughter or save it for later,
You never tell me how thoughtless I have been,
Or how I leap before I can walk,
And bite before I even have teeth,
So, I tell you.

I cry upon your shoulder,
When my spirit is crushed and ground to paste,
You never say “I told you so!”
You hear me out; not without feeling but without judgement,
Every time I shed a tear you get to know,
And for each tear you know the long story,
So, I cry upon your shoulder.

I am sincere with you,
When I am falling in love or have a new crush,
You never crush my hopes,
Even when it’s obvious that they’re a glass castle,
You watch as I blush before my mirror,
And hear my fantasies as I sleeptalk in the night,
You smile with me through my musings,
So, I am sincere with you.

We share so much,
You know my dreams, hopes and ambitions,
My highs and lows are an open secret,
You are a special part of my being,
You are my book.lovewrite

So I write,
To tell the world my story,
And share my convictions with all,
Change the world in my own way,
The only way I know how, by the pen,
My love is writing, So I write.

Written by Sarah Masive

She is Passionate about creative writing. She believes writing can change the world if let the pen and the paper flow with our emotions. What is your take on love of writing? 

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