A man with a tight-fisted approach to administrative issues and a signature of bald-head has fallen. Laikipia University fraternity woke up to the sad news this morning as it came to our knowledge that Professor Obura is no more.

It has taken God 65years to conclude the final chapter of Professor Robert K. Obura’s life. Professor Obura was Laikipia University Vice Chancellor (academic and research) who passed on 2nd August 2015.

When the sad news arrived I took a moment to mourn the intelligent professor with the best way I know how “writing”. Laikipia Social media was awash with messages of condolences, and it was through this platform that reality hit me. At first I thought it was a rumour until Laikipia University official page posted the sad news.IMG-20150803-WA0000

You cannot write the history of Laikipia University without mentioning Prof Obura. You could not fail to notice this man who walked the talk. From his tone, gait and facial expression it was so evident that he meant every word he uttered.

The last time I met him was in a 3rd&2nd year’s media students meeting, after we had demonstrated outside his office in his absence due to a “bounced” media trip. He opened this meeting with a bible verse which he told me read out loudly for all to hear. The verse was in the book of James 3:5-11 which speaks about the tongue being a small part in the body but can cause a great disaster. In this meeting he went on to term our actions as cowardice.

“I am not afraid to die…no I am not, We are all passing clouds… and we are all coffins… we are yet to go in that coffin… we are all walking corpses and I am not afraid to die” he said this words in Vision 2030 Hall as he retaliated to threats from students. In this meeting he described himself as the mad man in suits and he will speak the truth and he cares less whether you hate him or not. Is this personality not admirable?

Prof Obura is a man who has left a legacy behind. Randy Travis who sang a song the three wooden crosses says “it`s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it is what you leave behind you when you go that counts”

Legacy is when we bury your body but not bury your beliefs; When bury your eyes but never not your visions; When we bury your feet not the path of your life; When we bury your hands but not your diligent efforts; When we bury your shoulders but not the concerns you carried; When we bury your voice but not your message; When we bury your but not your dreams.

Prof Obura, God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best. Looking back with tender memories, upon the path you trod, we thank the Lord for the years we had with you in Laikipia University and we leave the rest to Him. You left us a peaceful Laikipia, your knowledge will be a guide and though we cannot see you, we will always feel you by our side when we look at your various achievements.

From the verse you told me to read out loudly, Vs 9 says that “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness” With my tongue I will praise the Lord for your life which you lived to the fullest. You changed the world through your Knowledge and experience. You were a mentor and a role model to many. Through you many have earned the capacity of being called professionals.


It is God who gave us Prof Obura and he is the same God who has taken him. May our God give his family, friends and Laikipia University fraternity the courage to bear the loss.

#RIPProfObura #LaikipiaUniversity


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    1. It’s a very nice piece you have written Daniel. I feel like I already knew this good professor. May his soul rest in peace.


  1. Indeed we have lost an ambitious person,bold,firm,focused…eternal rest grant him oh lord and let perpetual light shine on him..R.I.P professor.

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