JACOB-KAIMENYIMwalimu, what is the difference between you and the MPs you are claiming increase their salaries when they feel like? You taught me that somebody who is egoistically obsessed with himself or herself is said to be self-centred. Mwalimu, thank you for going an extra mile to explain the vocabulary with an example. It was a very good example when you decided to strike on third term when 937,467 KCPE and 525,802 KCSE candidates are waiting to sit for their exams.

Mwalimu, Over 10 million pupils in public primary and secondary schools are waiting for you in class. Some of this are from poor family backgrounds and you are their only hope. They need you to achieve their dreams of liberating their families from poverty. Mwalimu, do you want in future to see one of this kids you failed to teach at this time with a gun knocking at your door? Your salary maybe increased but there is a great danger if you will live in a society where majority are poor, and this is not out of laziness or lack of initiative but as a result of unemployment.

Mwalimu, it is 18 days since you decided to strike. The government has failed to honour a directive by the Court to pay you a pay rise of between 50-60% which is spread over four years. Over the last three weeks you have hit the headlines with a lot of humorous drama and gymnastics that you have displayed in the streets of major towns. You have danced and you have sang off key songs.Teachers-Strike-in-Kenya

Mwalimu, on the political arena, politicians have joined the demonstrations to fight for your rights. I had decided not to exercise any skill that you taught me to criticize you but Cord’s idea to impeach Mr President has pushed me to. The Education Ministry order to have all schools closed has pushed me too.

Mwalimu, this guys led by Moses Wetangula are purporting to introduce Impeachment motion in the National Assembly to have President Uhuru Kenyatta impeached. How do you impeach a President of 44 million Kenyans because of 280, 000 Tutors? Mwalimu wa hesabu, What is the percentage of this tutors compared to our total population? I don’t know the answer since you didn’t teach mathematics very well in my days.

Mwalimu, you have been represented by KNUT and KUPPET who are demanding Ksh17billion from the government. I want you to understand that if the government decides to honour their demands, this amount will not be from Kaimenyi’s pocket or President Uhuru Kenyatta salary. This amount will be collected from our taxes. According to National Treasury, VAT will increase from 16% to 21%. The cost of living will go up and many Kenyans will suffer.

Mwalimu, bear in mind all of us are not teachers neither kids of teachers, so we are not set to enjoy the benefits. Many of the youths are also unemployed and don’t have any source of income. Many graduates are walking out of the institutions of higher learning every year to tarmac. Instead of using this 17billion for job creation, you want it for salary increment.

Mwalimu, unlike other professions you have three months holiday each year. When I look around my village, other walimus standard of living are higher above other villagers. It is Mwalimu who owns the shop, kiosk, bodaboda and M-Pesa.

Mwalimu, it is true that Doctors, lawyers and journalists who are earning three times your salary passed through your hands. Professor Kaimenyi is a professor because of you. Uhuru Kenyatta is a president because of you. Dan Muniu is a writer because of you. I celebrate and thank you for everything. You even taught me that successful people are happy when others succeed. So don’t feel bad because we are paid more. Please celebrate us because you are successful.

Actually a Mwalimu at certificate level if the government honours your demands will be earning Sh27000 and the one with a Diploma will be earning Sh57000. Mwalimu, many of your working environments are in rural areas and there are teachers’ quarters. The cost of living is cheap in that place unlike us in town centres where we pay fare at the pick hours and pay rent. So where are you taking this Sh57000?

Mwalimu, somebody told me that syllabus doesn’t change much and maybe what you are teaching right now is what you taught me four years ago and maybe what you were also taught in your days. Somehow you don’t encounter new challenges every day, your work environment doesn’t change.

Mwalimu for some of us, we need to have a high degree of creativity more than others, we have to discover new ways of telling stories and how to hunt for them. Mwalimu we ran with cameras not to win medals but to tell a story. Some of our brothers who we work closely with, chase armed gangs to keep you safe. We have put our lives in line just to keep you informed when you turn TV or Radio on.

Mwalimu, please go back to class and teach. It is a success story when you do what you do best. Back in our days, at the end of a lesson you would say “Are we together?” and later you would ask if anybody has a question or a comment. Mwalimu allow me to ask that for today.

Are we together? Anybody with question? Any comment? Leave it here!

#SomeoneTellKaimenyi that I have his speech ready just in case he wants to address Mwalimu

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    1. That is from a relevant youth. Kudos Dan.
      Walimus’ habits very year reflects who are our children mentors. Does they payslip reflect performance?
      Walimu mmezidi!


  1. Most arguments don’t add up. Think of impeaching the president for not following a Supreme court order but not because of 288000 teachers.
    Sad you of all people forget that Teachers are parents. some of their kids in high schools and universities. How do you expect them to live yet they only survive on loans from their small saccos. Making a plea for the kids who are at home is playing poker against teachers. So stop the #Someonetellteachers and think of other people as well… Teachers suffer. Teachers are human too.


    1. Ruto remember all of us have a responsibility to play in this society. I believe you dont give in church because the Pastor has kids… the same rule should apply here…. dont increase their salary because they have kids


  2. Dan say what again? I don’t give in church because the money is pocketed later but not for it’s intended purpose… Yes now you go, everyone has a responsibility. and the government has one bigger responsibility too. Playing around with the law is anarchy.
    The idea of teachers don’t deserve an increase is the public being ego-centric.


  3. I totally disagree with most of ua arguments Dan. Meaning a tyms we av to break court orders? There s a lot of money being missused in evri yr n government, evri yr the government allocates 17 billion for laptops nd wea to the money goes? Are these money not enough to pay teachers? The other day mps increase there basic salary from 600 to 800 k and mcas from 75to 230k where did the money com from? Is it not from our tax?
    Teachers are humans and they have a right to fight for there demands


      1. this time round I disagree with you Dan…..just sit back and think about it again.actually I don’t support your attitude towards the teachers’ claim for salary increase…… what teachers do in those few days of the yr/term has a high proportion in transforming someone……..let the salary be increased………. as we ‘pay as you earn'(PAYE)…let teachers be paid as they work


  4. Dan its all well said. Teachers should be humane.
    @Ruto..Who is this government if not us…and are you willing to pay more taxes for the sake of teachers without any complain?


  5. No tax will be increased because of paying teachers, a lot of cash is lost due to tax evasion.. the government just needs to put tougher measures on tax collection or even implement the idea of having KRA agents.. more money will be available!


    1. I hope you are tax compliant. When VAT goes up, please save us your complaints.
      Where are the economists in the house? Please ring a bell to walimus!


  6. I think I have a sober solution to our government.
    DEVOLVE EDUCATION! Let teachers be held accountable by Wanjikus like us. Public participation in their counties, in respect to their work environment.
    Give them to our Governors and their tune will change. They will be answerable to their counties. No hiding behind the masses.


  7. Teachers have the right to stay put until the government stops playing hide and seek. What is most enraging is the way the government makes promises they do not intend to fulfill just to stop strikes and get teachers back to work during strikes. Now the issue at hand is simply that the government’s lies have caught up with them and it is suddenly a hard pill to swallow. My take? Strike on teachers!!! No cheque! No chalk!


  8. After a couple of days, I have decided to respond. Dan, most of the premises here are not holding water. It’s not because I’m a teacher but it’s disheartening that the government is not obeying the court order who actually reinstated them. It’s bad. It’s barbaric for the government not to obey the court order instead hire sophisticated lawyers because they have power, including AG. A teacher earns peanuts. Dan, no one can pay for a service equitably but you are entitled to better remuneration. The question is what’s better? Philosophers will take centuries defining that. Do u know a worker in the same Job group at TSC offices earn 2.5times. In as a much as teaching is humanitarian Labour, they need better terms, better lives too. I know you did not choose teaching maybe because they never inspired you when you were growing up, why? Low living conditions.
    Are you aware that the 50%-60% was awarded by the TSC themselves? Teachers demanded 300% Who is to blame. They took teachers to court that they be compelled to take 50%-60%…… By the way, why is teachers salary a subject of debate???? What is so special about Ksh 31000. Is it because it goes to a teacher? MCAs earn 132000 from 79000, calculate the percentage? I won’t mention their input…. Thanks


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