Now there’s no condemnation

For those committed in salvation

We are loosed from the separation

And set free in liberation

But oh! The misinterpretation

maxresdefaultIn the wake of modernization

Many are caught in imagination

We are making a superstition

Concerning our liberation

But oh! The misinterpretation

No! it is not a celebration

To engage in sinning positions

We are ruining the Christian reputation

And probably seeking risking demonization

Oh! The misinterpretation

imagesEngaging non-believers in relations

Claiming we will bring them to salvation

Sisters who cannot make a distinction

Between light and darkness, infatuation and revelation

Oh! The misinterpretation25291-diploma-and-degree-cap

Brothers who have permitted education

To give them passport to modernization

Hanging in the modern convention

And in that there’s no condemnation

Oh! The misinterpretation

naiWe dress as to occasion

Love the music of our generation

Our acts lack limitation

Ignoring the Christian limitation

Oh! The modernization8051278_f520

Christianity offers a line of demarcation

Galatians 5:19 is a proposition

For self-evaluation

Anything the bible disregards is abomination

And for such there’s no liberation

You can only make a deliberation

Concerning things in line with salvation

Now that’s the liberation


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