Do Christians Have A voice?


It was on 15th November 2015 in Laikipia University Christian Union Sunday Service, that the speaker asked if Christians have a voice in this university. A brother in the congregation in boldness answered this question and said we are starting to have a voice.DSCN4701

This question was been posed 6 days after we had held our University students leaders elections. And 2 days after the death of a third year student known as Peter Maina Mwaura who allegedly fell from the university’s bus after arriving from an academic trip (R.I.P Broh).


Tension was building during the weekend as students and school administration engaged in blame games. Superstitious ones observed that in the last four years there has been bloodshed or death of a student after every student’s leaders elections. “Is somebody sacrificing us to make the new students leaders body harmless? Are student leaders vying for elections sacrificing students to win elections?” this were the questions posted on our university social media pages.

Am not writing this blog to answer those questions or affirm any but I must point out that men from time in memorial have always wanted to be gods. They have always craved for power and praises “even in Christian circles”… hope you have seen men fight for church leadership

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Men have always wanted to be in top of others, feared and respected. To attain power human beings have been known to go to all extents. They even engage in spiritual matters and devil worship just to gain power. During our national general elections you will spot politicians in churches offering large amounts of cash, with an intention to appease the pastor and the congregation to pray for them. On the dark side they are known to visit witch doctors and other priests of darkness to gain power. The difference between what they do in church and in the dark kingdom is that they offer souls of men as sacrifices instead of cash.

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I tend to think what happens at the national levels in this country is similar to what is happening in our universities. The same tribal lines formed during general elections are also formed here.

Back to our story: Due to all the tensions in the university, as Christians we engaged in prayers, declaring peace in Laikipia University and in spiritual realms destroyed and averted every evil plan fashioned against the students. On this Sunday service we made intercession prayers for our university, made declarations and prophesies and walked out of the Sunday service declaring Laikipia for Jesus.

Personally, I walked out of that Sunday service a confused fellow after the speaker had posed the question “If Christians have a voice in this University?” I decided to think beyond Laikipia and I asked myself “Do Christians in Kenya have a voice?” I also decided to think beyond Kenya and I asked myself “Do Christians in the world have a voice?”

Before I could answer this question I saw notices going around campus asking comrades to avail themselves at University pavilion as from 9A.M on Monday 16th November 2015 where a peaceful demonstration in quest for justice was to commence. I felt disappointed after a long weekend spent in prayers asking God not to let this happen. I had witnessed a demo in this campus two years ago and I knew no demo is ever peaceful and the fruits of it are always bitter. This night I still held on hope that God would do something and the demo would not happen.


16th November 2015 was finally here with us, on this day noises of comrades on the ongoing demo acted as my alarm. I just accepted this as a plan of God. Romans 8:28 reminded me that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I believe my purpose is to inform people and keep them updated. And so I got ready to join the others in the demo- not in quest for justice but to collect news and inform others just like any other normal journalist in crises. But two factors held me back. One was my former experience in a riot that happened in this campus some years ago where I had pretended to be a journalist and followed the mob with a camera, a notebook and a pen. I received a nice beating from GSU and that day also marked my first time to be arrested and handcuffed.

The second factor was first years in my inbox asking me “As a Christian is it good to participate in peaceful demonstrations?” I lacked the answer and I posed the question to two Christian union WhatsApp groups. In one group where it looks like my question was ignored one brother asked me a lot of questions instead of answering. Here is his message “The first question is it is peaceful? What are you trying to say? How will you conduct yourself? When you answer all those questions then you have your answer”

In the second group I found conversation ongoing after a brother had asked the others if they were going to participate in the demonstrations. So I did not need to pose my question in this group but follow the conversation. Here is an extract:

Brother 1: Comrade is a comrade, (this came from a brother I respect)

Brother 2: It is a constitutional right and the cause is genuine. All grievances pointed out by LUSO seem genuine

Brother 3: Ok, Bro 1 and 2, it a constitutional right but the big question is …will it bring our bro back to life? Considering we are students, a peaceful demo can end up being very unpeaceful and automatically it shall draw the attention of police officers, students are considered holligans and at any point they shall be on our neck and remember the admin is against it.

Brother 2: Now do we give up because they are against us? What do we do? Tell us

Brother 3: My personal view and advice to them who may listen is that we are the sons of the most high and our ultimate authority is the word of God. I will argue like Paul: everything is permissible but not everything is profitable.

Brother 2: (In Kikuyu) Ni kuri ngoma ya kwinga na ya gikuthuko- There is a demon to avoid and another to face courageously.

At this moment I felt like posting those three laughing emojis but I needed information so I continued to follow the conversation which was not turning out well. One brother advised others to follow the crowd but not to be the loudest ‘Voiceless Christians’. A sister was moved by this and urged us to continue praying for our institution citing that we need to be united more in prayers than anything else.

Bible misinterpretation was inevitable as brethren used it to support their acts. A brother in the group posted Matthew 24:18 which says ‘Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak’. Allow me to let you be the pastor for today and interpret it for yourself in the context of a demonstration. A sister was touched by this verse and typed: Let us support our fellow students in this, together we can make it. It’s about loss of life and our VOICES count as much.

Brother 1 who I respected came back online and typed “Let me not give any view on this. I don’t want to be QUOTED but in anycase I support the union in calling students to have a way forward… brother 3 of cos the only person who rose from death is Jesus… 2015yrs ago”. The debate was getting hotter and the Bible was put aside and brethren started using the Kenya constitution Chapter 4: Bill of Rights, Part 2: Rights and fundamental Freedoms, Sub article 37 which is about Freedom of Assembly and demonstration. Stop being a pastor now and be a lawyer and interpret that for me.

I don’t know why sisters are easily moved. Another sister was moved by the constitution and opposed Brother 3 (this brother looked like was the main protagonist in this debate). The sister typed ‘Brother 3 I tend to agree with the demonstration simply because there is no way we are going to sit and WATCH INJUSTICE taking place. Justice has to be given where appropriate’

They left one brother very confused not knowing what to do as he indicated that he doesn’t know which side to support as he pointed out that the demo and its reasons was not bad but he urged us to pray as we enquire the way from the Lord because all wisdom cometh from him *I beseech you to useth KJV on that last part

The demonstrations went on peacefully until things turned sour, thank God I was not there but I was following live updates from my media group classmates present at the ground to collect news. I felt like laughing when brethren in the demo asked us to pray for them since the situation was worsening. At 3P.M the school was closed indefinitely and people given thirty minutes to vacate.


In the Whats App group debate there was a moment of silence of about 3 hours until Brother 3 ‘main protagonist’ finally decided to break the silence with this message which sounded like a victors comment ‘Brother 1 and 2, and my sister (the one moved by constitution) in the morning you pushed that the demonstration to be so that we may get justice has it made things better or worse?’.

This triggered mixed emotions and responses from brethren and I decided to sit back and watch. Some thanked God they were safe. Others pointed out it is the will of God. Some maintained their grounds and had no reasons to feel guilty and indicated they will continue being themselves. Some accepted their mistakes and agreed they failed. One pointed out it is high time as Christians we be part of the COMMUNITY WE ARE LIVING IN.

Brother 3 was not through with those who maintained their grounds and started throwing in scriptures may be to persuade them or make them feel guilty. His first statement was full of painful rhetorical questions “Brethren where is the difference btwn us and unbelievers that we can pambana for our justice? Have we become them that trust on chariots and horses? Where does our help come from? Where do we run in time of troubles? Can someone tell me is battle won on demonstration or on knees? That did not sound good to brother 2 and the sister moved by the constitution.

Brother 2: Brother 3, you can’t just sit or kneel and pray and expect things to work. PRAY AND ACT. God will help you in your undertaking.

Sister: Even one time Jesus had to use PHYSICAL FIGHT coz of the injustice that took place… that is why people say that they can’t be Christians simply because we want to live like we are not seeing what is happening.

Personally I loved what this sister said about why people don’t want to be Christians as I recalled the reasons why I took long before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was because of how Christians lived right from my home, to my local church and to my classmates in high school. I was about to type: that is true my sister, then I recalled am after something in this conversation. One of the reasons why Christians we remain voiceless is the way we carry ourselves as I will explain later.

The conversation went on and Brother 3 was not willing to give up and continued quoting scriptures as he asked if we fight with flesh and blood? He quoted Malachi that it shall be distinguished between believers and non-believers. He asked if we are setting an example in speech, conduct and in love. He also asked if we believe in God’s word as he expressed disappointment if this are the type of leaders we are having in the church.

The sister who nearly pushed me to type did not give up either and asked the brother if David could have killed Goliath if he just sat and prayed? She also pointed out that Peter the disciple of Jesus cut the ear of soldier to defend Jesus, and she posed a question: WHO ARE WE NOT TO FIGHT?

Brother 3 could not hold this and in a tone that was full of anger declared he believes in the ultimate authority in the word of God and he believes in finding all solutions in the word. I was about to ask the brother what he means by ALL SOLUTIONS and ask if in his life he has got all solutions from God’s word? But I had to maintain my cover. The brother went on to explain how we ought to be Christians by our acts and not by name. He quoted the scriptures again of how Christians should be known by fruits. As he asked if our actions during the day were fruits of believers or qualities of the faith we profess. He pointed out many of us have become readers but not doers of the word. At this moment I guess he was already thumping the bible.


The atmosphere was not good in this group until a brother typed the #WWJD challenge- What Would Jesus Do? And that question cooled everybody off. The conversation which started at 6 in the morning came to an end at 9P.M. I took time to revise the comments matching them to my question “Do Christians have a voice” and I waited until Midnight (00:51) where I typed in my comment.

‘Christians don’t have a voice in this campus yet. We will have a voice the day we walk under the presence of God. The day prayers will become a habit and miracles become a lifestyle. We will have a voice the day the power of God is seen in us. The day we will make declarations and prophesies in Church under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and they come to be fulfilled. The day that we will all unite and stop minor arguments and conflicts as Christians. The day we will live as one big family. That the time we will be respected and have a voice!’ I nearly crashed my phone on the table after typing this and I regretted leaving the emoji with a red face out.

After my comment a sister typed “well said Dan” and Brother 1 typed: I like this Dan… we need to stop sympathizing with our personalities… let us know what drives us. Brother 1 comment made me feel like adding this to my comment “Let us be ourselves and cut the drama short. Be what God made you to be if you want to have a voice. You start living when you know who you are and what your calling is. You will understand your threats, strengths, opportunities and weaknesses when you know who you are”

Am through… kindly tell that brother who answered the speaker on Sunday that we are starting to have voice that he was very correct if we follow this.

This part was for Laikipia University and the Christians in it. In part 2 we are moving outside Laikipia to Kenyan Churches and Kenyan Christians and find out if they have a voice in this land?

Help answer this for now Do Christians have a voice In the society and community they live in? Support your No or Yes

See you in part 2 

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      1. Christian not only have voice but power to control phenomena. The problem lies on thier inability to use thier manual and weapon-God’s word. Good work son, keep it up.


  1. What a debate! I this is more than food for thought.. I’m actually having more and more questions than answers to this issue… But I like the engagement anyway.


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