Last night around 10:30pm, I received this story on WhatsApp: “A very poor man lived with his wife whose hair was so long that it touched the waist. One day the wife asked her husband to buy her a comb for her long hair so that it can continue to grow well and to be... Continue Reading →


Part 2: Do Christians Have Voice in Kenya? “The dog will be buried!” barked out Pastor John escorting the old man out of his office. Pastor John was the senior pastor of Methodist Church in Florida back in 1986. The old man’s dear dog had given up the ghost. He was so attached to that... Continue Reading →


This year I had a life marked with a series of awkward moments which were well separated by meals. It is the only year I managed to stay single from January to December since 2008 (hoping in the few remaining days I will not fall in love). My main chic was the laptop and my... Continue Reading →

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