This year I had a life marked with a series of awkward moments which were well separated by meals. It is the only year I managed to stay single from January to December since 2008 (hoping in the few remaining days I will not fall in love).

My main chic was the laptop and my phone was the side chic. At moments when I felt like I want to open up, I would open a new word document and poetically type my feelings. I would also log in to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to start arguments and defend myself.


A study carried out by Mr. Lucy indicates that the time I spent online and watching movies was around 6months in total. The study also indicates that 3months were spent in reading, studying and writing. According to the study the rest three months were spent on religious matters, meals, sleeping and crushing on beautiful women.

However the study noted a decrease of 50% in my sleeping habits compared to the year 2014. The study noted most of this activities were happening at school. Shockingly the study indicated that my awkward moments in 2015 had increased drastically.

Everything about that study was somehow true but I didn’t agree on the increase of my awkward moments. Mr. Lucy named a few of my awkward moments and I have decided to share them with you. I want to prove to him I don’t experience this moments alone. Here are the moments:

1. That moment when you accidentally think about something awkward you did three years ago and you go like “no no nooo! … That was not me… that was so stupid… that was so childish… What was I thinking?” Awkward moment happens when you can’t stop your head from thinking about what you did. I guess am not alone in this as somebody pointed out that it is a moment that indicates we are growing.

2. That moment when you keep singing the same line of a song all the day because all that’s you can remember. You sing the line then accompany it with a whistle then a talalala here and there. Does it sound familiar?

3. That awkward moment when you over-hear a joke in someone else’s conversation and accidentally you laugh out loud and everyone looks at you. It happened to me in matatu and another day in a hotel.

4. When you visit your friends’ house and it happens they are cooking your favourite meal and then your demons open your mouth only to say “I want to leave, it’s getting late” Contrary to your expectations, your friends ask if they can escort you Instead of  asking you to stay and enjoy the meal together. How did you feel? Am not greedy but it happened to me a number of times as I visited my friends in their rooms ‘hostels’.

5. That moment when you type a harsh message and then you add hahahaha to dilute it. Have you ever done that?

6. That moment when you trying to choose the ringtone of your alarm. Do you encounter difficult times at it?

7. After sending a full paragraph to somebody explaining to them how mad you are and they reply with “What are you talking about?” How does it feel like?  The moment you also forward a long message that blessed you to a WhatsApp group and nobody comments about it, in fact they start another topic.

8. When you are the only one that laughs at a joke. I like the facial expression that happens when you notice nobody is laughing.

9.That moment when you accidentally open a message on WhatsApp that you didn’t want to reply bearing in mind the blue ticks will appear on the sender’s device. How did you feel? What did you do lastly? I blocked the sender and the next day I unblocked them and typed: sorry, my WhatsApp was experiencing some technical problems… God bless you as you understand

10. Laughing at your own text before you send it.

11. That moment when somebody thinks you are paying attention to what they are saying but really you are just staring at them and thinking about what you will take for lunch or about that crush you met another day. This happened to me in a number of boring lectures. Have it ever happened to you? What did you think about?

12. When you realise you have a feeling for someone then you start pretending you don’t. You act like you don’t care but deep deep down you still care. To me that is an awkward moment because I don’t like that kafeeling.

13. You attend the class and nothing much happens but you miss one day and you find they sat for a CAT, the assignment was collected, the most complex topic was and they copied 10 pages of notes.

14. When it is time for bed and your thoughts indicate “I’ll just check my WhatsApp and sleep” but you end up on Facebook, IG all the way to twitter and finally you watch an episode before sleeping.

15. When you remember something but you’re not sure whether it really happened or it’s just a dream you once had. 

16. When you notice all your friends except you are looking good in a group photo that you are tagged in either on FB or IG.

17. That moment when you want to travel to a destination you have been looking forward to, and your parent keeps talking to people instead of giving you the cash and saying goodbye.

18. Telling a joke but then forgetting the punch line halfway and you go like er er er (happens mostly when acting or trying to be funny). It happened a lot of times to me this year.

19. When you can’t really tell if someone is into you or not…. And you’re not sure what to do.

20. Have you ever felt you look good by the way you are dressed to a point that you didn’t want to go back home because you felt that not enough people saw you?

21. When a friend says something in front of your parents/crush/pastor that they are not supposed to know. Was that feeling awkward?

22. When you eat the last bite and didn’t notice it was the last bite (Probably when you are watching TV or Chatting)

23. That moment you smiling like an idiot when you think of that one person

24. There is that one dress, shirt or trouser that you wear and feel so fly and it brightens your face, you just have a good day and on this particular day there is someone who you always meet when wearing that cloth.

25. That moment when your crush doesn’t respond to your messages but they update their status. If you did that to me God forgive you.

This are my few awkward moments in 2015. Does any relate to you? Am I alone in this? What were your awkward moments? Share them as a vote of no confidence to Mr. Lucy study which indicates mine were abnormal and I must see the Doctor.

23 thoughts on “AWKWARD MOMENTS

Add yours

  1. When you take a group selfie and you happen to appear so gorgeous… and your friend deletes it on the spot coz they dint come out so well…


  2. Should I Laugh at myself or just let go?
    I can’t say but almost every awkward moment there has happened to me..Dan big ups thats an awesome piece Mungu akuinue brathe


  3. 25. That moment when your crush
    doesn’t respond to your messages but
    they update their status. If you did
    that to me God forgive you.

    Hehehehehe…… thts me.


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