As the CU chairman introduced the speaker and the topic of the day, it felt like he was reading our crimes and kindly asking the Speaker to prosecute us. As Chastity Campaign was been launched, the church changed into a courtroom. Some brethren changed into suspects, others into witnesses and others into concerned parties who were waiting patiently for each others verdict. From the eyes of fiction, here is an account of what happened:

Armed with the Book of Law, the speaker walks to the pulpit. With reference to the Holy Book he starts tabling strong and enough evidence of why you should go to hell. Nodding his head with a fake smile, the Judge who is your conscience keenly listens to the charges you are facing against Chastity and sexual purity.

The prosecutor being the speaker of the day continues to ruthlessly list all you have done. He passionately explains what you do behind closed doors, what you watch with your phone and he doesn’t forget to mention what you surf below the blankets. He pushes your ego to think of standing up to a point of objection but the evidence is so strong that you already feel guilty.

You feel like standing up and leaving the court but your partners in crime “the ones you hugged, kissed or slept with’ are present and watching. The Holy Spirit the devil who are the only ones you cannot cheat are present in this court and they nod their heads with every piece of evidence the prosecutor tables.

Matters get really weird when the prosecutor starts to invite the witnesses. One by one they walk to the witness box and take their oaths and they swear to tell nothing but the truth. “Mr. Phone please tell this court what the suspect has been using you to do?” the prosecutor in an appealing voice asks your Phone.

Mr. Phone confesses how you used him to access pornographic sites. He goes on to say how you used him to sex text. He goes on to produce a list of nudes you have sent and received via WhatsApp. He also produces any porn clip you once watched. He continues even to produce the exact dates when this happened and he says it in a real time scale “On 10th of October 2014 which was on a Wednesday at 11:28p.m the suspect with earphones used my screen to watch a porn movie”

Mrs. Laptop in next on the stands and she produces all pornographic websites you visited using her firstborn Mozilla Firefox. Matters get worse when her daughter google barometer shows your top searches are pornographic in nature e.g. how to seduce a choir sister? IDM on the other hand goes on to tell what you downloaded. UTorrent’s spares you not by exposing all the dirty movies you have downloaded from Kick ass torrents.

Both nails and thorns starts growing on your chair when the prosecutor invites your partners in crime to the stand. It becomes unbearable when and they describe how you kissed them, how you slept with them and how you touched them inappropriately despite you being a church leader.

You try to deny this allegations but the bed which is the next witness confesses how many times you and you partner shook it terribly. It exits the stands by inviting its counterparts the blankets and bedsheets who confess what they saw you doing under them. The door of your room and the curtains are not left behind and they confess how tight you closed them. The lights indicates you switched them off and walls confess what they saw and finally the clothes tell how in haste you removed them.

Your brothers and sisters in Christ who watched you go down the wrong path are giggling and smiling in this court that you are finally caught. At this moment you remember how they watched you been defeated by sexual immorality and did nothing to help. They just acted as the disciples who worshiped together but the moment Peter began to drown he was on his own.

That song that speaker of the day asks Praise and worship to lead as he comes to the end of a sermon sounds like a movie soundtrack that goes on as the jury meets in the chambers to decide your fate.

As the sound track ends and the court session resumes you are tempted to stand up and confess you are guilty before the verdict is made but shame holds you back. The whole congregation is watching and those you have always suspected you want you proven guilty. There is silence in court as your conscience clears his voice to read your verdict.

“Mr. Suspect of sexual immorality according to the Book of Law that govern our conduct as Christians you have been found guilty of sexual immorality”, His Honor Mr. Conscience pauses and clears his voice and then continues “According to 1st Corinthians 6:9-10; all wicked people like you will not inherit the kingdom of God. Mr. Suspect do not be deceived, neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulators nor male prostitutes and nor homosexual offenders will inherit the Kingdom of God” the judge continues amidst the dead silence.

In an oratorical voice the Judge continues to read your verdict… In history, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. And they serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire. According to Jude 1:7, in a similar way so should you suffer. Mr. Suspect, your place is a fiery lake of burning sulfur according to Revelation 21:8.

“I am sentencing you to the jail for……..”, His Honor the Judge Mr. Conscience pauses as a man dressed in white robes walks into the courtroom. His face is shining and with all his glory and he walks majestically towards the Judge. His presence is felt in the court room as your tears fall when you notice who the man is. At the mention of his name in the court even all the evidence against you bows.

JUDGE: (in fear and trembling) who the hell are you? That you just walk into a court of law and interrupt the session

JESUS: (in humility) I am the one who was sent by the Father to proclaim liberty to the captives. I am Jesus who died on the cross for the sins of this man (showing the marks on his hand). I the Lamb of God who paid the cost so that this man shall not perish but have eternal life.

JUDGE: (barks out) and so what do you want?

JESUS: (pointing at you) to set this man free from all his sins. At the cross I took his place, I wore his shame and took his blame.

JUDGE: But Mr. Jesus that is against the law to suffer for another person’s sin.

JESUS: I don’t think I have come to abolish the law but I have come to fulfill them. As my apostle Paul writes to the Galatians, I redeemed you from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for you, for it is written: ‘cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree’ (clears his voice and continues) If righteousness could be gained through the law, then I died for nothing!

JUDGE: But this man is not justified to be free under the law

JESUS: Know that a man is not justified by the law, but by faith in me, because by observing the law no one will be justified. So allow this man to walk free.

JUDGE: (raising his voice) But he can’t just walk free like that, he must suffer for his sins. Allow me to subject him to guilt for some years.

JESUS: (smiling) if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. The thief comes only to kill and destroy but I have come so that he may have life and have it in abundance. (Walking towards you and holds you by the shoulder) My son your sins have been forgiven in all these people hearing, therefore go and sin and no more.

YOU: But why does it has to be so hard? Why do I have to struggle with sin? Where have you been all this time?

JESUS: I didn’t promise it would be easy but I did promise I would always be there. My friend you cannot give up because it’s hard, It was neither simple at the cross where I paid the cost. Remember God creates a clean heart within you by pointing to the dirt and you are the one to get the broom.

(A joyful noise and cheers follow as court session comes to an end and you are declared free from Sexual Immorality) Go therefore and sin no more!


I will not act to be holy as far as this topic is concerned. I will not claim to be perfect. I will not condemn anybody like many men of God do when they tackle this topic. I will not act as if I have never looked at a lady lustfully. I will not act as if I have never watched porn. I will not act as if my lips have never kissed. I will not even shout ‘I am a virgin’. I will not even claim not to have sent nudes or received some. I will not claim that I am pure.

However, my brothers and sisters as we are ongoing with the chastity campaign I beseech you not subject each other to a Chastity court. Nobody should be condemned but let us correct each other with love. FOCUS Kenya clearly states this is a campaign not a court.

Chastity Campaign as I noticed while writing this blog, it is all about coming out clean. It is about lowering our guards and accepting we are not perfect. It is about accepting we have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It is about forgetting opinions, ideas and feelings and dwelling on the truth and nothing but the truth. The truth which is a pill we all want but hard to swallow. It is high time we swallow that pill of truth, after all it will not cost our throats.

Let the truth set us free but not condemn us. Repent if you feel guilty, there is hope to be redeemed my brother and my sister. God is waiting for us to turn away from our sins and welcome us back home.

Flee from sexual immorality, all other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. 1Corithinans 6:18

I choose to say NO! until I say YES I DO!

Share this post. I give you all rights to publish it elsewhere. Produce a skit or a play from it you can. The main point is to pass the message.

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  1. This is so true.. No one is perfect.. We only try to do what is right while shunning our wrongs. May God help us through this journey.. Nice piece Dan


    1. The author has put together an interesting article which captures the challenges of the Christians of the 21st century. I was enjoying reading the article until I reached the point where the judge is about to sentence the culprit. Here I got offended by how the writer uses the name of the Lord Jesus. He uses “Mr Jesus” . Here is where I differ with the writer. This is disrespectful. Its using the name of the Lord in vain. Although he is trying to illustrate a good point, he should not trivialize the name of the Lord. The terms used by the writer refers to either to the only Lord who died for all sinners and is now exalted and will soon be coming or to another person. From the context there is no other person.
      All christian writing should never undermine or appear to undermine the deity of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is God. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord. The writer should withdraw or re-write this article. This article may cause others to follow the same approach as the writer if nothing is done.


  2. Wow! That piece slashes peoples consciousness(I inclusive) on either side….it actually makes us think things over.Thumps up Dan


  3. That is really true. The bible says that there is hope for a tree if it may be cut that it will sprout again and not at any one point did Jesus bring His word for condemnation but all aling it was a gospel of love.


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