The Son Of Lucy

Part 2 Continued from The Son of Lucy part 1…. Read Part One The journey to freedom got worse for Mr Lucy after joining Form 1. By the fact that he was Lucy some boys thought he was not a man enough. By the time he was joining form one, he was very careful, neat... Continue Reading →

The Son Of Lucy

Part 1 One year ago, on a sunny bright Wednesday afternoon; Omondi, Kamau and Mr Lucy out of coincidence sat closely in a lecture room waiting for a lecture to begin. One interesting aspect of the three young men is that they have fewer similarities compared to their differences which are enough to cause World... Continue Reading →


Victims’ lawyer Wilfred Nderitu has said that the decision by the trial chambers should be respected because the process began six years ago. Six years is not a long duration because I can clearly recall what happened 9 years ago in 2007/2008 Post Elections Violence. Back then, I was a young curious boy who had... Continue Reading →


Last year somebody called me a ‘saved fisi’ after noticing I was becoming an epitome of praise in his baibes mouth. As if that was not enough, last month some people nicknamed me ‘Mr. Chair’ not of anything honorable but of Team Mafisi. The awkward title happened after I and a certain brother fitted so... Continue Reading →

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