Victims’ lawyer Wilfred Nderitu has said that the decision by the trial chambers should be respected because the process began six years ago. Six years is not a long duration because I can clearly recall what happened 9 years ago in 2007/2008 Post Elections Violence.

Back then, I was a young curious boy who had just completed class eight and anxious to join form 1. Idleness was my  way of life and thus I had a lot of time to follow closely all that took place in those dark times through TV, radio and newspapers. All those shocking and disturbing events are still fresh in my mind.

In my mental video gallery, #NoCaseToAnswer began 9 years ago when our rights were bought and our voices cut. It began when we decided to express our disappointments through bloodshed. It all began when humanity escaped our souls and we decided to butcher, slash and kill each other.

Screams of pain and agony reigned in our Kenyan atmosphere. During those dark days, fear clung to each one of us like a poisonous cloud, ready to choke life from us. It seeped into our every pore, like a poison slowly paralyzing us from moving on with life. Despite us being branded a home of champions we were not able to run from chaos and win the race of peace.

Later we landed back to reality and 1200 people were dead and we wished we had time to make amends for our mistakes. But the only thing we could understand was the language of tears. I clearly recall victims of the fallen families standing around the mass grave, their faces painted with pain as tears rolled down their innocent faces. In my visual memory, I still recall siblings crushed by pain and emotions of losing their loved ones. That pain was just too much to bear.

Our actions left families in agony, kids without parents and maimed adults without arms and legs -stupid enough this was in the name of a stolen election. But it seems the consequences were not hard enough, the screams were not loud enough and the pain was not severe enough because we are still in bondage of tribalism while justice has not yet been served. And this has formulated a number of unanswered questions in our minds.


All our unanswered questions arise from ICC ruling that DP William Ruto and Joshua Sang have no case to answer. Are these the doings of the Lord or do we term it as lack of justice to 2007/2008 Post Election Violence Victims?

We are also asking ourselves, who organized the 2007/2008 post-election violence? Who funded it? Who killed all those people since they did not commit suicide? The violence left 1200 people dead at least 600,000 displaced. So who do we blame?

Do we blame International Criminal Court for not being able to thoroughly investigate Kenyan cases? And by the way, how could an International judicial organization build a case on heresy? If that is the case, it means justice is a well written fallacy that exists in the world of fiction.

Let us just assume we got no answers to this questions… so should we go to our knees and thank God for this or should we blame Him for 2007/2008 Post Election Violence since nobody is willing to take the blame? Or should we opt to persuade Fatou Bensouda to reprosecute the suspects?

In midst of these unanswered questions, the voices of pain from 2007/2008 Post Elections Violence have been forgotten and oratory voices of disunity, incitement and tribalism are now taking the centre stage in our political arena.

My fellow Kenyans, our opinions might not be the same and our differences are very great. Some of you right now are celebrating that Ruto and Sang are no longer in the hands of ICC, while some of us are still in pain and bitterness that justice has not been served. However, let us remember we are still facing the same demons, demons of corruption, terrorism, insecurity and illiteracy if not stupidity.

Let the pain, grief, bitterness and loss we have been through make us a better nation! One people! & Tribe254!

Our God is Just even when ICC isn’t, and whoever caused the 2007/2008 violence won’t go unpunished.

God bless you and God bless Kenya!

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  1. thnx for speaking for the few weak, disadvantaged, afflicted ,voiceless n powerless…those who don’t own Kenya but wait on God…the poor will continue to b trampled down by the rich n mighty..those who own Kenya…I pity wanjiku…the pain is still in my heart as 2007 was an unbearable n tormenting moment for me as well…..the perpetrators shall never go unpunished…our God is very just..their pain shall b many times greater than the victims….their blood is still crying to God n the wrath of God is slowly descending upon them…I was surprised yesterday how Kenyans ironically jubilated n triumphed over the so called ” victory” of the powerful yet they couldn’t mind about the poor PEV victims who could be equally as poor as them…n the difference that exists btwn them is that the victims have a painful scar in their hearts which may never heal…its tym to stand for the truth n stop being blinded by our ethnic lines…one truth remains…no more ICC but justice was never sought for the PEV victims..period.


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