Life is bigger than we perceive it. It is greater than our esteemed religions. It is a higher level than our levels of education. Our loving families are not enough to define life. It beyond our tribal affiliations, colour or race. Life is beyond our common senses. Life is not about eating, touching, smelling, listening and speaking.

Life is when we understand why we live? We start living when we answer the question ‘WHY?’ Why do we do what we do? And we can ask a lot of ‘whys’ Why is this happening to me? Why am I having such a difficult time? Why me?


Once upon a time in a small village in Kiambu, there lived a man by the name Kinuthia. Kinuthia was a short young man with ‘yellow yellow’ skin and a signature of bald-headedness. After years of singleness, Kinuthia surprised many by getting married to a young beautiful lady by the name Akinyi.

Akinyi was known to be the most beautiful woman in Kogelo. She had slender eyes, sea-nymph ears, dainty nose, ebony-black hair and shiny white teeth projected by her syrup-sweet lips. She had a sharp figure with wasp-waist that complimented her joyous personality. She also had a soothing voice that was so sweet when she sang.

So where did they meet? Kinuthia despite been short had achieved heights in his music career. He met Akinyi during a performance he made to tourists at Kogelo village. They fell in love immediately after performing a local Swahili love song together. Despite their parents opposing their relationship due to the tribal differences, Kinuthia and Akinyi choose love beyond tribe and made their vows before God and congregation that attended their wedding ceremony. However, narrators have it that they never lived happy ever after.

Since they could not reside in Kiambu due to their parents pressure, they moved to Kayole. Akinyi did not find a job in Nairobi as event organizers considered her music so local to be performed in Nairobi. There were a lot of bills to be paid and it was up to Kinuthia to be the man and provide for his family.

In her idleness, Akinyi turned out to be a stubborn noisy woman in the house and with time she became a rumour mill in Kayole. Kinuthia was so disgusted with Akinyi and started regretting why he married Akinyi even after warning from his parents. Like any another superstitious typical African he thought he was bewitched.  However, Kinuthia did not give up instead he started carrying Akinyi photo in his wallet.
Kinuthia was so attached to Akinyi’s photo that he would stand in the middle of town, look at it and smile. Before he made any performance, he would look at the photo and smile even more. While waiting to be served in hotels he would look at the photo and smile again. Even in the bank while queuing he would still look at the photo for a moment and smile. While waiting to board matatu he would pull out the photo from his wallet, look at it and smile. Kinuthia continued with this habit over a month and people started noticing the weird behavior. Since there is thin line between love and madness, they could not tell which it was.

Kayole residents who knew the situation between Kinuthia and his wife were totally confused. Some approached Akinyi and informed her of Kinuthia’s weird behaviour.  Akinyi did not give it much thought as she thought people were jealous because Kinuthia loved her. She was overjoyed and assumed she was the reason her husband was smiling all over the city.

She felt so good and went around boasting and broadcasting to other women how lucky she was to have a loving husband. Akinyi did not reveal to her husband that she was up to date with his romantic behaviors and reserved it for Valentine ’s Day.

The most awaited day finally was a here and Akinyi cooked a very delicious meal which was Kinuthia’s favorite dish (Read: Githeri na Waru). And this is what transpired in the dining room:

AKINYI: Baibe….  Can I ask you a question?
(Kinuthia was shocked for been called baibe after several months) 
KINUTHIA: (shocked) What is it? (Hoping she was not asking for a valentines gift) 
AKINYI: Why do you look at my photo and smile alone in the city?
KINUTHIA: (looking at the photo and smiling) It inspires me
AKINYI: (smilling) what do you mean it inspires you?  
KINUTHIA: (clearing his throat) it motivates me daily
AKINYI: (getting restless) Aki baibe siget… Why does it motivate you?
KINUTHIA: Everytime I look at your photo, I tell myself if I can stand this problem at home, there is no problem I cannot withstand in the world! If I was able to marry you even after our parents tried to stop our reunion, it means I can face any situation in the world.

*unfortunately I can not be able to write the thousands of words Akinyi uttered in 5 minutes.

Akinyi despite been a bother was the reason Why Kinuthia would smile daily. She was the reason that inspired Kinuthia to face every situation in life with boldness. She had given him a purpose and a motivation to live. So what motivates you? Why do you smile daily?


Looking at Kinuthia’s story it clear that not every person will understand your Why and that’s okay, they have a right to their opinion and you have every right to ignore it. The story also makes it clear that situations should not define our Why. Kinuthia’s drew his strength from her noisy and stubborn wife. They also got married because of love and ignored their tribes. 

Why? is one of the hardest questions in life. In job interviews the most difficult question I have come across is “Why should we employ you?” Even in relationships why is the most difficult question. I have come to realise of late WHY can differentiate a wife material and a girlfriend material. A girlfriend material will ask “Why do you love me?” My sister may men have perfected in answering this question and they will convince you very easily. A wife material on the other hand will ask “Why should I date you?” My brothers this question will make you clear your throat a thousand times before you get a good answer and if she dates you please keep her.

The problems we also facing as nation can be solved if we get the answer to WHY. For instance I was wondering why are the opposition leaders not shaken by loss of lives and property during recent demos over IEBC matters? And why are innocent citizens who will not vie for any seats endangering their lives? Why should you die for IEBC? Why are the families of opposition leaders not joining the demos?

Michael Jr once said “the key to life is not knowing WHAT rather it is to knowing WHY.  When we know our WHY, we have options on what our WHAT can be” That sounds like a tongue twister let me break it down for you. For instance as a blogger my Why is to change the world by changing people but my WHAT can be Virtual world evangelism, Writing, graphic design and Storytelling. My WHAT can also be mentoring other bloggers who have the same aim as me.

When we understand our ‘Why?’ we will have peace even when life doesn’t make sense. We are able to live on purpose when we understand why? The bottom line is: When you know your WHY, your what has more impact because you are walking in or towards purpose. He who that has a purpose has a reason to live. So WHY do you do what you do? Shockingly in our current society many of us can’t answer this question because we are existing instead of living.

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  1. Very Inspiring I Love It😊Now I Have To Find Out Why God Brought Me Into the Earth😌 And Work Towards Answering It….Thanks For That😙


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