I want to write lines fat enough to have nothing to read in between,
Write something deep enough to have one maybe of a few sink in,
I want to write my heart out, tear it open and render me helpless,
It may be my saving grace for I have heard helpless seeks the heart.


For am helpless, I thought my dreams started when I grew,
Only to find nightmares they were, I was living through my phobia,
I thought cause good I sent, by my world with words I drew,
Helpless maybe cause not of the world am in, but in the worlds that are in.

Paranoia became real, wonder why? Tell me when you ever feel safe,
Tell me of the last time the sun went down and you looked forward to the next day,
Life is a mystery, yeah! buts nothing so existing of this dark twist,
I went so far? I hope not, for at least now you feel me.

Am sorry for the venom in my voice, but wish it was living,
I wouldn’t wake with bile so high, at least could have killed,
One or two among the many twists of this life, are so dark,
But I fear bad would be born; I would go down as the dark, having killed.


But if that’s what it takes my son to have a better tomorrow,
I will be the heartless hero, so surreal forget the green arrow,
I will be a flaming fire, blowing storm, no scum will stand my inferno
You cloud to my sun be it hate, tribal, name them! add five more,
Be on fear mode; be so very afraid, for even nothing will stop me.

Hold my hand, stand by me lets do this,
My ground I stand, its more than one, alone I cant beat this,
We start with now, as one, we start with show, it’s our time,
It’s all in our grasp, a push at your side, a nudge from mine we can change the world.


Here are my candy words, bolded by passion with nothing short of love,
It’s my first to the world, heaven help not the last, a mere handful of what I have,
Hope its seen right through, sink right true, beyond the rhyme and grammar,
My weapon of choice, for whatever it takes, I want to change the world, word at a time.


Bottom line from a favorite poet:
I married Art,
Art married me,
In holy matrimony,
Art is sacred.

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