After church yesterday I bumped into this image on Facebook and the caption was “This is Why men die early and women live longer”. Looking on Twitter #BeFearless was the number one trending topic in Kenya.


My photojournalism teacher used to say a good picture is worth a 1000words.  The caption was only 8words and thus 992words are not yet written.

Personally I believe every art can tell a story. Of late I have been training my mind to think positively and so I decided to study this photo until I get something positive out of it. For 6 hours I rotated it and zoomed it trying to get some inspiration out of it (:?crazy?)

Later my eyes 😨 were opened like the eyes of Balam and a very powerful inspiration in this image clouded my mind.

Allow me to share the inspiration with you:


Before reading my inspiration please study this image carefully and answer the following questions. (😂10mks)
1. Will he make it?  Is it really possible?
2. What will happen if he doesn’t make it?
3. What wrong with this grown up men? Don’t they have something else to do?

Your first answer reflects your attitude towards life. Everything in life is either possible or impossible. It all begins in your mind. As Mahatma Gandhi once said “A man is but a product of his thoughts….”

Your second answer represents your fears. It represents what holds you back.

Your third answer is how people see you when you decide to pursue your dreams. It doesn’t really make sense to them. For instance there is a person who is reading this post and is wondering what is wrong with Dan? Why this photo? You can’t get what am trying write because you don’t take time to understand why people do what they do.

Off with the mediocre,  lets hit the ground running with my discovered inspiration…

👆That guy on top symbolises you, 👇the trouser symbolises your dreams and goals which are in the hands of world you need to fit into.

For that guy to fit into the trousers he has to jump. Just like you.. Between you and your dreams there is a journey,  there is a distance,  there something you are supposed to do.

But as a human being you are full of uncertainties and afraid of failure. You are afraid that people will laugh at you if you fail. You are so afraid of getting yourself hurt or heartbroken.

For that guy to jump he has take a risk. He has to overcome his fears and jump. He has to let go of his current position. To achieve your dreams, you need to overcome your fears and let go of that current position. Your current position is your comfort zone. You have to let it go. You need to take that risk and jump into the world and achieve your dreams.

But to make it to your dreams you need people. It is people who will be your business partners,  it is people who will be your clients, it is people who will employ you and it is people who will encourage you.

A wise man once said “if you need to succeed in one year plant maize, if you need to succeed in 10 years plant trees but if you need to be successful in a lifetime invest in people. 

If one of those guys holding the trouser has a grudge with the guy on top👆,  he can let go of the trouser. So form meaningful relationships and learn to forgive. 

For that guy to make it successfully to the trouser he has to strategise.  He has to know which angle to jump at to make it. You need to plan well and lay down a strategy to achieve your dreams.

You also have to believe in yourself. That guy first believed in himself to get up there naked and try whatever he is trying out. Among the three he was the only one who volunteered to try. Among the crowd you have to be different. Standout by been different and unique.  Just get a little bit creative with the way you do your things.

So stop copy pasting others and live your life. The easier path is to be yourself. Refuse to be a photocopy and be original. Original documents are authentic and legal. So stop been illegal.

In conclusion, if that guy makes it we will all cheer him up and if a video is taken it will go viral im minutes. The camera man behind the scenes won’t be famous,  The men holding the trouser won’t be famous too… But that guy will be the center of attention. So go ahead and achieve your goals, all the rewards are yours.

But if that guy falls, at least he will have tried and a learnt a lesson. Next he will be better.. Experience will the best teacher.

footnotes: Am on my own storms but am making the devil mad and confused by inspiring somebody… because he was totally disfigured, squarely beaten and extremely smashed at the Calvary.. So my brothers and sisters Let our lifes reflect something worth Christ dying for.

Change your life for better and go be the change you want to see in the world….

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  1. Good job Dan. Live to inspire,live to invest in people and they will pull you instead of you pulling them to love you. It is never all about you but them…your audience.


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