We are living in the age of free flowing and vast information. But do we have the right information?

Most people don’t understand that with the arrival of a challenge/opportunity, they meet it with the knowledge/experience that they have, which is crucial to how they’ll handle the challenge/opportunity. The youth today spend so much time on social media and entertainment that the knowledge they possess with regard to business and other opportunities is that it’s a means to get rich and get rich quick. Same applies to situations that may threaten their wellbeing, we’d rather run to our “BFF’s” (Best Friend Forever) or family rather than grab a pen and paper to analyse the situation and think not stress our way out of it.

The “knowledge” we have is insufficient. The experience we have is wanting and our decision making process is based on false principles that can’t hold water even if forced to. It’s no secret majority of youth in Kenya are unemployed. It’s also no secret that they possess the explosive potential to be job creators rather than job seekers. The song of job creators has been sang many time and time again but the tune is danced to by very few, the few who know HOW TO create jobs. The few who learned early enough that reading is an integral part of the how-to-create-jobs process.


The missing link is in the things we have grown to despise and shy away from. These “things” called books. I’m not talking of course work material only, I’m talking of the books one chooses to read of their own accord. In an article titled How to succeed for young men by the Men’s style guide (, the first element to success is reading the classics. Classics refer to books written by successful people around the world. A personal favourite being Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

You want to be an original thinker (inventor), read books written by original thinkers. You want to be a successful entrepreneur, read books written by the finest entrepreneurs. The good book says there is nothing new under the sun, I couldn’t agree more. Whatever it is you are gunning to accomplish, someone probably already did it and you have a great deal to learn from them.

Culture the habit of reading into your daily life, you really do become what you read.

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it. –Oscar Wilde

By Gilbert Reagan,

Kenyatta University-Digital School.

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