When the sun goes down, the moon takes his place. The stars take their place somewhere behind the haze of black clouds. Off the window there is a lingering light from a distance. It is all silent with a few snores in here and a few crickets chirping out there. And this is where it all starts.

Characters walk into my head. I pull covers over my head to stop them. Their approaching footsteps keep growing louder in my head. I try to assume them, that is when the beautiful girl shows up strutting all over. Sigh… I curse under my breath (Speak of the devil!)

A man approaches and offers to buy her a drink. I can’t avoid to laugh at his sweet nothings and before I know it, they fall in love. Maybe they will break up, I pray and wait, boy it never happens! She walks down the aisle and they have this emotional, meaningful and above all a joyful wedding.

Honey moon is here, they make love and beautiful babies. Beautiful babies start to cry weirdly all over. Without a care in the world they shit and fart in my head. Their parents start to argue and threaten each other. They file a divorce and I can hear the judge banging a gavel in the tables of my head calling for order.

Beautiful babies grow up to be thugs. One is shot dead and buried. The other meets Jesus and his life changes. He becomes a Bishop. Bishop goes rogue and feasts on a sister. Sister is blessed with a baby boy. The bishop dies. The baby boy goes for a DNA test to prove the bishop is the father, just to inherit that sadaka bought range rover….and then

And then this endless tale never ends in my head. There nights I can’t sleep, not because am in love but because am haunted. Am haunted by these characters, am haunted by their stories. So I am back, to silence these demons by writing them down and enjoy peaceful nights like everybody else.

Maximum respect to all crazy creatives. I salute you all. These things are beautiful but demanding. They isolate us from reality and they create a make-believe world! Let’s keep creating….

Thank you for reading my stories here, Welcome to (we are painting the walls). Start with this one


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  1. This would be a hundred times more inspiring if it was acted out. just thinking.. Those beautiful themes songs and colours.. Echoes and slow motions.


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