When the sun goes down, the moon takes his place. The stars take their place somewhere behind the haze of black clouds. Off the window there is a lingering light from a distance. It is all silent with a few snores in here and a few crickets chirping out there. And this is where it... Continue Reading →


We are living in the age of free flowing and vast information. But do we have the right information? Most people don’t understand that with the arrival of a challenge/opportunity, they meet it with the knowledge/experience that they have, which is crucial to how they’ll handle the challenge/opportunity. The youth today spend so much time... Continue Reading →

Just A Vanity

It is on Friday,  29th July 2016, 1800hrs. Time Zone, GMT +03:00, Limuru Time He grabs a porridge filled old metallic cup, probably made in China. He closes his eyes and takes a sip. A glug echoes in the dark corner as he swallows. With his eyes closed he feels the hot porridge meandering through... Continue Reading →

Should Prisoners Vote?

As we proceed towards the general elections next year, the country is in an apprehensive mood, not knowing whether to expect violence or peace. Please keep the peace. Politicians are hard at “work” unveiling scandal upon scandal to continue discrediting each other in the face of the public. With IEBC undergoing reforms, why shouldn’t the... Continue Reading →


After church yesterday I bumped into this image on Facebook and the caption was "This is Why men die early and women live longer". Looking on Twitter #BeFearless was the number one trending topic in Kenya. My photojournalism teacher used to say a good picture is worth a 1000words.  The caption was only 8words and... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I watched in shock a distant uncle of mine urinating outside my house. For the footnotes: he was doing it in front of children. To clear the air: actually I did not watch, I just saw because it is disgusting to look at such humiliating scenario. He was extremely drunk and he had no... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time……. Wait a minute I think it is right now… Apologies I am used to narratives… Let me start from the top again. Right now, somewhere in the developed County of Kiambu, in a small city by the name Limuru, in a cyber café we meet Mr. Lucy. He is busy typing... Continue Reading →


I want to write lines fat enough to have nothing to read in between, Write something deep enough to have one maybe of a few sink in, I want to write my heart out, tear it open and render me helpless, It may be my saving grace for I have heard helpless seeks the heart.... Continue Reading →


Life is bigger than we perceive it. It is greater than our esteemed religions. It is a higher level than our levels of education. Our loving families are not enough to define life. It beyond our tribal affiliations, colour or race. Life is beyond our common senses. Life is not about eating, touching, smelling, listening... Continue Reading →


Mother, To me you are not just a woman, You are not just my female parent, You are not just a creature, I lack a perfect definition of you ! Mother, You are my inspiration, You are the woman in my journey, You have showed me the way to and not to go, You showed... Continue Reading →

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