Continued from ‘Does Religion cause War and violence Part 1’ Have you ever watched an action movie? Allow me to assume that you have. In an action movie we mostly side with the good guys or the so called starling. How would you feel if the movie ended with the bad guys winning? Imagine a... Continue Reading →


In my ‘old days’ as a 5years innocent but naughty and nosy boy, I recorded with my two small eyes a bloody fight that occurred in my local church which I later saved the unedited file in my tiny head. As I revisited the video gallery in my ‘big head’ currently, I watched a clip... Continue Reading →


Friends this verse in Isaiah 40:28-31 is touching my heart this morning...  It starts with a 2Qs that: 1.Do YOU not KNOW? 2.Have YOU not HEARD? The two Question are all about you hearing and Knowing...Have you? You may ask what? because You know many things and u have heard a lot of things. But... Continue Reading →

Is Politics a “dirty game”?

“Politics is a dirty game” this has being a common remark among journalists and religious leaders warning their sheep not to get to it. Parents will quote it to discourage their children who have an ambition in politics. This left me wondering, does it mean those in politics were not brought up well or they... Continue Reading →

Is The family still playing its roles?

Each human being originates from a particular family. Even the orphans and street children originated from families. For the orphans it is just that they lost their parents along the way. For the street children some were dumped and others run away from their families either due to oppression or their ill-mannered behaviors. Family is... Continue Reading →


Asking people to follow and like gospel platforms on social media is not a way of seeking publicity. It is a way of spreading the Gospel. There 4.8 billion pple in the world who have not yet heard the Gospel. It is time christians use every means and tool of communication available to spread the... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Guard Hearts at Church

Biblical Preaching

Worshippers2We have thought about guarding hearts at a conference/ministers gathering, and at Bible school.  But what about the local church?

The church is a mixed group of people, and there will always be some who are feeling very fragile or weak.  They may not show it.  Nevertheless, we need to be people who guard hearts in the church environment.  Good music and good preaching is not enough.  Many a great church service was undermined by thoughtless comments in times of fellowship.  So, here are 7 ways to guard hearts at church.  You can certainly add more, and I might too!

1. Pray biblically for the church people.  Take a look at the prayers in Paul’s epistles, they are not full of “be with” and “just really bless” prayers.  Pray for people in your church to have the eyes of their hearts enlightened to know God more profoundly…

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Hello world!

My name is TheDanMuniu. TheDanMuniu is humble human being who believes that we can leave the world better than we found it. He a Journalist on training, an Actor, a Creative Writer, a Fashion & Graphic Designer and a social values and norms activist... He is here to ask you to help him and others... Continue Reading →

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