Why Stay Single? Part 3

King Solomon who reigned in Israel between 970 and 931 BC is a man who was gifted with wisdom from God, according to the Bible. The Quran considers Solomon/Sulayman as one of major prophet among the 48 prophets. I want to settle on the biblical story of  Solomon. This wise man composed love songs and poems... Continue Reading →

Why Stay Single? Part 2

I remember when Kamauu and Wanjiru exchanged vows. It was a bright cold Saturday afternoon on July 2010. I don’t know the reason Kamauu decided to get married on July but I can clearly recall the moment after they exchanged the vows. It was the best of times, it was full of anxiety, it was... Continue Reading →

Why Stay Single? part 1

"I am single by choice but I fully subscribe to the family ideals and I am comfortable that way," Njoroge responded. "There is nothing sinister with that and I am sure this committee has done its due diligence on what sort of a person I am" he added CBK governor Patrick Njoroge baffled some members... Continue Reading →


A man with a tight-fisted approach to administrative issues and a signature of bald-head has fallen. Laikipia University fraternity woke up to the sad news this morning as it came to our knowledge that Professor Obura is no more. It has taken God 65years to conclude the final chapter of Professor Robert K. Obura’s life.... Continue Reading →

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